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"The Trade-Room"

The Trade-room is the premier event of the National Meetings


The premier event of a National meeting is the Trade-room, two days of total immersion into "Tool Heaven". Not for the week at heart, sensory overload is guaranteed, it is the single largest gathering of antique tools anytime, anywhere! This is where the best of the best, and rarest of the rare are brought out for show and trade. Trying to capture the feeling of this event in pictures is extremely difficult, its one of those things that you just have to be there to experience. Our National Meetings average 550 members in attendance, with approximately 275 trade tables set up for this event. Although referred to as National Meetings, they really are Inter-National in scope, attending members represent all points of the globe. Once you've attended a National Meeting you won't want to miss another. Our local "Area Meetings" though smaller in scale, carry the same excitement and present a great opportunity for you to meet others with similar interests close to home. Whether regional or global in scale, the heart of M-WTCA is its members and the best way to experience the fellowship is to attend one of our meetings.
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