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The Tailgating Session

Tool prospecting in an fresh air environment!


 The first official day of our National Meetings start with the Tailgate Session, no other event generates quite the same excitement that you will find here on opening day. Having traveled from near and far, Members have arrived with great expectations to find that one tool that has been eluding them.  Tool collectors are by nature hunter gatherers, and they start their day early, before the crack of dawn. Long before the first shaft of daylight breaks, you'll find them milling around in anticipation of that first trunk or tailgate to open. Be prepared to rise early and bring a flashlight if you don't want to miss out. Bring along a backpack or bag to carry your hunting tools and any goodies you may collect along the way. The well prepared collector should have in their kit of hunting tools, a flashlight, batteries,  hat, sun glasses, sunscreen (summer), jacket (fall), and Asprin (you'll learn why after a day of walking slow and staring down).
Just about anything you can imagine will turn up at an M-WTCA event. Half the fun of attending a tool meet is the opportunity to see the unique and rare items you just can't find anywhere else. You can accomplish more at one meeting than in an entire year of searching by taking advantage the combined efforts of our membership. Most of our members specialize in one or more area's of collecting, in their travels many find items of interest to others and bring them along with the hopes of finding them a good home. There's nothing finer than lots of fresh air and a multitude of tools glistening in the morning sun!
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