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Room Hopping

Strictly speaking this is not an M-WTCA sanctioned event, however to say it does not exist would be untrue and would deny many attendee's the opportunity to particpate. What is room hopping you ask? Room hopping is many things and happens prior to the official start of our meetings. When? Well anytime you get there. One of the great aspects of attending a meeting is the opportunity to make new friends and to revisit with old ones, share stories, show off the latest aquisition, and a chance to stretch your legs after a long drive. Room hopping fills the void from when you arrive to when the meeting officially starts. I guess you could say it is an open house tool collector style, where members open their rooms and invite you in to visit, or check out a taste of the things they may have brought along. If your new to one of our Semi-National meetings don't be shy, stroll the hallways and stop on in!
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