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Sharing knowledge and experience on a variety of tool topics!

"Dedicated to the study of the tools of our heritage", that says volumes about us. Our members are passionate about tools, their dedication and love of the topic goes beyond accumulation of tools and extends deep into the history of their invention, evolution, and implementation in the trades of the times. Many of the current and past publications on the topic of tools have been written by members of M-WTCA.  At every National meeting you will have the opportunity to attend seminars on a wide array of subjects, hosted by the most knowledgeable and respected collectors in their respective field of collecting. The collective knowledge of our membership is staggering, much of this knowledge has never been documented. The best way to tap this collective database is to attend a meeting, make friends, and learn all you can from our experience. Education takes a front seat in M-WTCA, all other activities are put on hold while the presentations are taking place.




Renowned for his knowledge of the Sandusky Tool Company and their line of tools, speaker John Walkowiak shares his knowledge and observations of their tools with the audience in Green Bay Wisconsin.



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