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Recently added patents
  • US Patent: 449,000
    Bicycle Spoke Nipple Wrench Patentee: Alexander K. Schaap - Richmond VA Granted:1891-03-24
    Manufactured by H. H. Kiffe Co. - New York NY

    The wrench would have to be slid onto a spoke at its narrowest point and then slid down to engage the nipple. The center includes a spring to keep the wrench engaged with the spoke. A generally similar "STAYTHERE" NIPPLE GRIP appears in an 1893 H.H. KIFFE (N.Y.) sporting goods catalog. A knowm example of the "STAYTHERE" with original box has this patent date on the box cover. It has a flat spring to keep the tool positioned on the spoke rather than the screw clamp shown in the patent drawing.
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  • US Patent: D115,416
    Torque Indicating Tool Patentee: Siegmund Mandl - Milwaukee County WI Granted:1939-06-27
    Manufactured by Blackhawk Manufacturing Company - Milwaukee WI
    Assigned to Blackhawk Manufacturing Company - Milwaukee WI

    A bar type torque wrench. Design matches BLACKHAWK TORKFLASH torque wrench -- the indicator scale rotates to show torque for common bolt sizes, foot pounds, etc. Term of patent 3 1/2 years. Morsell, Lieber & Morsell - patent attorneys
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  • US Patent: 519,550
    Combination Tool For Carriages Patentee: Joseph A. Riordan - Harrison NJ Granted:1894-05-08

    A pliers type tool with jaws shaped to fit multiple nut sizes, and including pliers jaws, wire cutters, a hammer poll, and hoof pick and tack claws on the handle ends. Ken Cope's "American Wrench Makers 1830-1930" presumes Riordan produced this tool; a known example marked only with the patent date does not include the "handle end" tools.
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  • US Patent: 728,007
    Wrench Patentee: William H. Preston - Valley Junction WI Granted:1903-05-12
    Manufactured by Adjustable Wrench and Specialty Mfg. Co. - Harvard IL
    Assigned to Philip M. Knippenberg - Portage WI

    Adjusting nut with interrupted threads can slide freely on the main shank, or adjust a partial turn when engaged with the threads on the shank. A spring-tensioned lever with projection acts to hold the adjustment. Teeth on the exterior of the adjusting nut have a "one-way" bevel so the nut can be tightened while the lever is pressing against it. Produced as a nut wrench, pipe wrench, and combination pipe and nut wrench by the Adjustable Wrench and Specialty Mfg. Co. which formed at Oshkosh, WI and moved to Harvard, IL.
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  • US Patent: 194,488
    Pipe And Nut Wrenches With Cutters Patentee: Benjamin L. Walker - Sing Sing NY Granted:1877-08-21

    The patent is for the pipe wrench and cutter attachments; they are shown applied to a nut wrench corresponding to Walker's January 1, 1875 patent (no. 158,548). The pipe jaw and cutter clamp on. The cutter jaw works in conjunction with a crank-driven block to hold the work piece against the cutting edge. The language of the specifications imply that at least working prototypes were constructed. The patent model for the cutter survives, and is installed on an all-brass model of the Walker wrench. British patent GB-187701912 encompasses both the wrench and attachment.
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