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The American Patented Brace Database

Ron Pearson

The following is a listing of approximately 560 brace related patents issued by the U.S. Patent Office. A small number of the patents refer to hand drills or brace attachments. This information has been taken from my book, The American Patented Brace, 1829-1924, and has been expanded by over 40 patents discovered since the book was published. These additional patents have been found, mostly, by fellow tool collectors, whose curiosity and diligent searching have uncovered obscure listings.

For those interested in viewing the patent drawings, most of them can be found in The American Patented Brace, which is available from several antique tool dealers or directly from the publisher:

The Astragal Press
5 Coldhill Rd. #12
P.O. Box 239
Mendham, NJ 07945-0239

[Editor's Note: We would like to heartily thank Dr. Pearson for allowing the inclusion of material from his book here in the pages of The M-WTCA on Tool Collecting. We believe that this is an important addition which will be of significant inte rest to our readers. This information can be viewed by patent date (which is nearly equivalent to ordering by patent number) or by patentee. For convenience, the following table also shows the patent number of the first patent appearing on each "sor ted by date" page.]

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Beginning Patent #: 0.347 30487 98933 223484 421420 643120 947002 to 1805330
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